Hebei Wuhuan Bearing Co.,ltd

Hebei Wuhuan Bearing Co.,ltd Hebei Wuhuan Bearing Co.,ltd
We--Wuhuan bearing Company, can produce the various bearings , our model is complete , and the quality is stable . Our bearing sells continuously to the district in Southeast Asia and Middle East and each country of Africa . Our bearing was exported by way of the imports and exports corporation formerly . Now we welcome the wholesaler of each country directly to contact with us . Our bearing certainly can make you satisfied . Please tell me the bearing model and quantity that you need , the price that I can be the most preferential to you .
We chiefly produce the following bearing :
Units bearing UC, UCP, UCF, UCT, UCFL, SA, SB,
Deep-groove ball bearing 6000-6022 6200-6220 6300-6318
Taperde roller bearing 30203-30220 32203-32220 33203-33220 31303-31320 32005-32020
Spherical roller bearing 22000 series,23000series,24000series,
Cylindrical roller bearing N NU NJ NUP RN NF NUPK RNU NCL QJ
Self-aligning ball bearing 1205-1220 2205-2220 Double-row roller self-aligning bearing 22205-22220

With more than 10years' experience , We--Wuhuan Bearing Factory will surely make you satisfied by our super quality products and excellent service !
If you have any questions , just contact me :

Ms Eva( Export Director)


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